Smokanagan Dual Quartz Coil Concentrate Pen

by Smokanagan

Need a great value concentrate pen that still tastes great? The Smokanagan pen is a discrete concentrate vaporizer with dual quartz coils. The quartz coils offer a clean taste with unmatched flavour!  The battery is so well matched to the coils that the coils will last for A LONG TIME without replacement (we have a few still running strong over 10 months with regular use!)  It comes with a dab tool, USB charger, Silicone Tub, and carrying case for quick hits on the go.
  • Dual Quartz Coil Concentrate Top, removable drip tip
  • 650mah battery
  • Includes Dab tool, 510 USB Charger, Carrying case, and Silicone Tub!
  • Optional Bubbler attachment available! VAPEDYNAMICS Aqua Stick