Smokanagan Twisty Blunt

by Smokanagan

$19.95 $39.95
Smokanagan Glass Twisty

The Twisty Blunt is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your product. Pack it full and blaze! As you enjoy your product, simply twist the mouthpiece to push out ash and bring the new herb to the top! It’s simple, innovative, stylish, and functional. Product Description Introducing our newest revolutionary creation, the Smokanagan Glass Twisty Blunt. Superbly designed with tokers in mind. The Twisty Blunt is engineered to be a stylish, all-in-one device that fits inconspicuously in your pocket for big


How to use: Remove the glass tube Attach rubber stopper to one end of the glass tube Fill glass tube with your product Twist in corkscrew Remove cap, light, kick back, and enjoy! hits on the go. Easy to pack, and even easier to clean.